Wendy, 75


Wendy was referred to the practice as she was having trouble with her loose lower denture. She wanted a more fixed option as she has a busy social life and the loose denture was becoming very embarrassing, especially when eating.
After discussing all the options with Wendy, we suggested a new full lower denture fixed on implants. Wendy asked to have conscious sedation during the procedure, which we arranged with our visiting team of experienced sedationists.

“I had thought about implants for a couple of years and decided to go ahead with the treatment. I felt very comfortable with Martin and his detailed planning of the work.”

The treatment:
We fitted Wendy’s implants under sedation in the surgery and prepared her old denture to be used as a more stable temporary prosthesis. After four months of successful healing and monitoring, we started the process to make her new lower denture, which was screwed securely onto her implants.

“The process was made very plain to me and each stage was pain free.”

Wendy has been delighted with the results:
“The end result is amazing, better than I had hoped for. I can now eat steak without any problem! It’s the best thing I have ever done.”

Ian, 53


Ian came to the practice as he had been in a cycling accident and fractured his front teeth. Ian was unhappy with the prospect of wearing a removable denture and asked if he could have fixed teeth fitted on implants.

During the consultation, we talked Ian through all the treatment options and he decided to have implants fitted and restored on the same day. Ian was nervous about the procedure, so opted for conscious sedation in the surgery.

The treatment:
We removed Ian’s fractured teeth and placed two implants immediately into the extraction sockets. We made his provisional crowns and fitted them on the same day. The sedation was amazing, Ian’s treatment was pain-free and he looked very relaxed. He left the surgery with fixed teeth in place and appeared very happy with the outcome. Ian was carefully monitored for five months before his final crowns were placed.

“After badly damaging my front two teeth in a cycling accident, I was advised to see Martin with the prospect of having dental implants to replace my missing front teeth. Martin took x-rays and told me that I would have to have the two broken teeth removed, but that I was suitable to have implants fitted on the same day. I preferred not to have a denture and opted to have fixed teeth as soon as possible. The idea of sedation suited me, as I was a little bit nervous about the procedure. On the day, Martin and his team talked me through the whole procedure, which made me feel safe and relaxed. I was given a sedative and when I came around it was all done. Martin had removed the broken teeth and fitted the implants as well as the crowns. I could eat and look as though I had not had any dental work done.”

“It's been about two years now since I had the implants fitted and I am very happy with the results, as they look and feel like my own teeth. I also managed to avoid wearing a denture, which I dreaded very much. I would have no problems having another implant fitted if ever the reason arose again.”

Maureen, 77


Maureen had long-term issues with loose dentures and teeth in the upper and lower jaw. Maureen knew it wouldn’t be long until she needed a full lower denture, but dreaded the idea as she was concerned that a denture could affect her eating and talking properly. She asked if she could have the denture fixed on implants as soon as possible.
After discussing all the options with Maureen, we suggested a new upper denture and a full lower denture fixed to implants. We decided to remove the remaining wobbly lower teeth and fit the implants immediately and the denture a few days later. The denture could also have been fitted on the same day.

“After a long chat with Martin l decided to go down the route of having implants for a fixed option, as I was worried about loose dentures. Martin talked me though the procedure step by step.”

The treatment:
Maureen opted not to have sedation and after talking her through the whole procedure we removed her remaining lower teeth and placed her implants immediately. We took impressions for her new fixed denture and the dental laboratory completed her new denture overnight. We fitted her final dentures a few days later and instructed a soft diet and meticulous cleaning. Maureen was particularly pleased that she had fixed teeth in the lower jaw whilst the fit and stability of the upper denture was much improved.

Anthony, 24


Anthony came to the practice for help when he slipped and fell, fracturing his front teeth. Anthony was going on holiday soon and asked for something to be done urgently. We managed to arrange an emergency appointment and filled one of his cracked front teeth whilst fitting a provisional denture to replace the badly fractured other front tooth We had a time limit to Anthony’s initial treatment as he was travelling five days after the incident.

On Anthony’s return from his holiday a full assessment was undertaken and all the possible treatment options explained. Anthony opted for a dental implant and cosmetic crown as his job involved dealing with customers and he felt that he was still too young to deal with a removable denture. We warned Anthony that restoring his smile would be challenging and that he had to set his expectation at reasonable levels.

“My initial problem happened after tripping and falling straight onto my two front teeth. They were broken to bits and required something to be done urgently. My expectations were fairly high as I had been recommended to Martin by family but he has gone well above what I could have expected. After seeing Martin for the first time, he advised me of what was required and I accepted with no hesitation. I trusted Martin completely in dealing with the situation”

The treatment:
We gently removed Anthony’s fractured root and, as the tissue conditions were good, we placed the dental implant immediately. Anthony continued wearing his temporary denture during the healing process. After about 3 months of healing we fitted a provisional implant crown to develop the soft tissues around the implant and trial the cosmetic outcome. Anthony found this very helpful as he did not have to wear a denture anymore and he could see how his smile was improving. The final phase involved fitting the definitive implant crown as well as a porcelain crown on the adjacent fractured front tooth.

“Having had my expectations set at the beginning of the process lasting several months, I found the process easy from start to finish with no problems. Whether it was the treatment from Martin himself or being dealt with by Sarah and the team, everything was pleasant and, importantly to me, efficient. I feel very happy with the final result and I have had no issues whatsoever. Naturally, I am taking it easy, maintaining and cleaning my teeth as prescribed, but everything is great. Thanks to the whole team at Elvetham Dental Care.”

Emma, 42


Emma came to the practice for help after she had fainted and hit her front tooth causing it to fracture. She did not want to have a denture and requested a fixed option. She was very concerned about the effect of her misfortune on the appearance of her smile.

During the consultation we talked through all the options available options and she decided on having an implant as she did not like the idea of drilling the adjacent teeth to have a bridge fitted.

“Once I met Martin I was filled with confidence that he would do the best job possible. He gave me different options but I decided an implant was the right decision for me.”

The treatment:
After removing Emma’s fractured tooth we fitted a provisional “sticky bridge” to fill the gap whilst the extraction socket was healing. After approximately 6 weeks we reviewed her situation, fitted her implant and added some bone grafting to support
her soft tissue contour. A provisional crown was fitted after healing to develop the cosmetic outcome, followed by the definitive crown after more soft tissue contouring. We were very pleased with the outcome and Emma’s smile was very rewarding.

“The process was a little daunting but Martin and his team were supportive and very confident in their abilities, which was incredibly reassuring. I felt well looked after and could tell that doing a great job was Martin’s top priority. Having follow up calls after the implant procedure added to the first-class treatment I received.”

“I am delighted with my implant. Nobody would know that one of my front teeth isn’t real! I continue to receive good care from Martin and his team, which is definitely something to smile about!”

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